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How to Craft your Signature look

Updated: Apr 16

Do you have friends or colleagues who always look amazing? No matter where they go or what they do, they always dress in a way that suits them perfectly. They seem to understand exactly what they need to wear and how to wear their clothing just right.

So, how are they doing it? They often have a sense of style that is aligned with who they are and goes beyond the current trends and the latest fashion. In essence, they’ve crafted their signature look.

Crafting your signature style is a skill that takes some time to perfect, and yet is doable for everyone. With some minor tweaks to your wardrobe and a little effort in choosing your clothes, you’ll be on track to creating your very own signature look.

Step 1: develop a mindset of style

Crafting a signature look is not simply a matter of ditching your old clothes and replacing them with new ones. It’s about understanding what you like and the styles that work best for your body. Every little decision, from the clothes you choose to wear to the ones you decide to buy, contributes to the evolution of your style and, more significantly, your self-image.

step 2: assess your personal style

Begin by examining your wardrobe and pulling out the garments that you dislike or rarely wear. Focus instead on the clothes that you love and feel most comfortable in. Consider the style personality that resonates with you most, whether it’s classic, edgy, casual, or glam. Keep a style journal to record your favourite outfit combinations and work with what you have by mixing and matching to create full ensembles that make you feel great.

step 3: invest time in clothing prep

If you leave your clothing decisions until the last minute, you may make a poor choice. Laying out your outfit the night before goes a long way toward ensuring you present yourself well and feel confident with what you wear. You can also create a “lookbook” by taking photos of your favourite outfits (including accessories!) so you can easily recreate them whenever you want.

step 4: shop with intention

It's not always possible to refresh your entire wardrobe, but you can work with the pieces you already love and slowly add new pieces to refresh things. Be intentional with your new choices and only purchase clothes that help you feel good and match your taste. Figure out the styles and colours that work best for your body, or work with an image consultant who can offer expert advice.

step 5: consider your lifestyle

When creating your signature style, consider your lifestyle and the activities you’ll be doing on a daily basis. This can change what you buy and wear. For example, do you need to be able to move and stretch, or will you be sitting most of the day? Make sure you have outfits for different occasions so you can feel confident in your clothes, no matter what your day holds.

Develop Your Signature Look with Support from an Image Consultant in Edmonton or Virtually

When creating your perfect wardrobe, intentionality is always most important! When you make small, intentional changes to how you prepare your outfits and select your new clothes, your unique style will start to emerge. In my profession as an image consultant, I’ve helped numerous clients achieve their signature look. It’s incredible to witness the transformation, not just in their wardrobe but also in their level of self-confidence. If you're ready for wardrobe styling and want to have fun discovering your signature look, book a call with me today!

As an image stylist and fashion expert, I offer personal styling services for women and men, and I’m excited to help you create a wardrobe that will have you looking and feeling your best every day. Book your discovery call with me today! 


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