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4 Secrets to Help You Dress with Confidence

Do you remember the last time you felt fantastic in your clothes? The right outfit can enhance your presence, make you feel happier, and boost your confidence. However, for most people, experiencing this feeling is left totally up to chance. The good news is that when you’re armed with the right information and the right wardrobe, you can feel confident and happy every day. 

What Makes You Feel Good?

When you look through your closet, which clothes do you like the most? (HINT: These are usually the ones that instantly brighten your mood). Have you ever paid attention to this reaction? Why do they make you feel good? Is it the style or the colour? Do they accentuate your best features giving you greater confidence in your interactions? Make notes of these details in a style journal to identify any patterns, and store them in your closet for easy access.

Identifying Your Style Foundation

Identifying the clothes you love and understanding why they make you feel good is the starting point for building the perfect wardrobe. In my work as a personal stylist, I focus on 4 key elements that will help you design a wardrobe you can feel confident in. These include:

  1. Making the right colour choices 

  2. Understanding your silhouette

  3. Identifying your style personality

  4. Matching your clothing with your lifestyle

1. Understanding the Effect of Colour

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing where you love the colour, but it doesn’t look right on you? Certain colours can make us appear more vibrant, while other colours make us look washed out. The first step in selecting the right colour requires understanding whether your skin has a cool or warm undertone. Once we discover which undertone you have, we’ll be able to identify the right colour palette so you always feel your best.  

2. Finding Clothes that Work for Your Body Type

Have you ever seen a friend wear something and you love it on them, but you know it just won’t work for you? It could be related to body shape. Understanding your body type is an important factor when putting together your wardrobe, and unfortunately, it’s a step that many people tend to overlook. In my online course, Master Your Style, I discuss shape and silhouette as a way to help you feel more balanced and find clothes that work best for you. 

3. Choosing Clothes that Align with Your Identity

What is your personal style preference? Do you like a classic style with clean lines and structure or do you feel great wearing glamorous styles that stand out? While you could prefer a single style personality (classic, preppy, sporty, glam, casual, romantic, etc.), most people identify with elements of multiple-style personalities. Once you get clarity on what these are for you, it makes decisions easier.   

Clothing is a communication tool that speaks to the world and is an outward reflection of who you are. When you embrace your values and incorporate them into your clothing choices, you will build a cohesive style that helps elevate your mood. 

4. Having a Wardrobe to Fit Your Lifestyle

Finding yourself overdressed or underdressed can significantly reduce your self-confidence. Wearing the right clothes at the right time and in the right situations can improve the way you feel, so it’s essential to factor in your lifestyle to build a wardrobe that you feel passionate about. 

There is often a misconception that style is only for getting dressed up. It is, in fact, about all areas of your life, from working out to lounging at home to going for lunch with friends. You can incorporate all your colours, silhouette strategies, and style personality into all of those levels of dress so you feel great and like yourself no matter what you are doing.

Work with an Image Consultant in Edmonton

Are you looking to get a promotion at work or trying to land a new client? Maybe you’re starting a new job or entering a new life phase. Whatever changes are on your horizon, let’s set you up for success by building a beautiful wardrobe of clothes that you can feel confident in. 

As an image stylist and fashion expert, I offer personal styling services for women and men, and I’m excited to help you create a wardrobe that will have you looking and feeling your best every day. Book your discovery call with me today! 


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