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We understand many individuals struggle with knowing what clothes suit them best. At All Set Style we've created systems and tools to identify what you feel most confident in and how to build a streamlined wardrobe you love.







Shelby is an incredibly talented stylist with a very unique program. Her colour draping services were extremely helpful to me. I appreciate that she offers a complete colour education so you can take the information away and apply it to all your future shopping. She doesn't insist that you get rid of your entire wardrobe or spend thousands of dollars on clothes. It's really about setting you up for success. I'd highly recommend Shelby to anyone who feel stressed out about getting dressed for school, work, or events.


In my 44 years of life so far, I have dispised the thought of buying clothes for myself. Even more, I've never consciously thought of dressing in an appealing and well put together manner. Then Shelby comes along and changes everything up for me in a matter of 3-hours!

Shelby introduced me to a whole new "me" and provided the tools to continue to enhance my personal and professional brand. I would highly recommend Shelby as someone to partner with when it comes to the power of self branding both professionally and personally. Thanks again Shelby!


Shelby is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, organized, and has a great eye. My closet feels so much lighter, and I have gotten dozens of compliments on the outfits she has chosen for me. The only regret I have about hiring her is that I did not do so sooner.

Edmonton, AB and area

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