Style is about self-expression, knowing what looks good on you, and feeling confident in the clothes you wear – regardless of what fashion dictates. We partner with you to define what that means for you using processes and tools we have created 



Gratitude for yourself and what you have is a central part of confidence. It is essential to knowing & defining your personal style. 


You put on clothes and walk out the door every day. Some days this takes courage. Those clothes should give you extra confidence to tackle what you set out to do.


Showing up as your authentic self every day can be hard work. We believe you need to put intention into what you wear, so your clothes reflect your style and enhance the incredible person you know you are.


Hi, I'm Shelby!


I have spent close to 20 years in a variety of corporate and retail environments, including a 13 year career as a Human Resource professional with large international corporations, and I have come to understand how quickly people form first impressions, and how important it is to look good, feel great, and exude confidence. I decided to make a career change to use my passion, creativity, and sharp eye to inspire others to find their style – all while saving them time, money, and the anxiety associated with getting dressed.


Are you an entrepreneur, business professional, or a busy mom or dad? Are you tired of spending way too much time and money on clothes you don’t feel good in, or don’t even wear? Want to update your image? I can help. Let me inspire and challenge you to revive your wardrobe, find your fit, and enhance your self-esteem. Let’s discover your style together.

Education & Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Commerce degree, University of Alberta

  • Certified Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist Institute

  • Certified Men's Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist Institute

  • Personal Colour Consultant, Fashion Academy

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