My Capsule Wardrobe

Anyone else tired of their wardrobe?? That's not uncommon at this time of year when we are done with winter, but it is not ending.

I decided I need some inspiration and I don't think I'm the only one, so here is my gift to you. I started by shopping my closet and creating a capsule of 12 pieces of clothing. Using these 12 pieces I put together over 50 different outfits - and that's not even using all the pieces...I'm serious!

I had so much fun getting creative and adding a few different accessories to help with the different looks.

Here are the 12 pieces I started with:

Bottoms: Blue jeans, Black Jeans, Black Dress, Black Jumpsuit

Layering Pieces: Aqua Blazer, Long Black Cardigan, Black Blazer, White Linen Collared Shirt

Tops: Aqua T-shirt, Black Long Sleeve, White Long Sleeve, Black T-shirt

Below are 12 of the 50 outfits I styled. I will show more on social media over the next few weeks, keep an eye out!

I hope this inspires you to shop your wardrobe and try some different looks you haven't tried before. Just think, if I wear one of these per day, winter will be over by the time I'm done (it's all about mindset, right??).

If you need some help with this, book a wardrobe edit with me! We will explore the colours and styles that work best for you and your lifestyle. Click the 'FREE CONSULTATION' tab above to book a no obligation phone consultation.

Stay wonderful,




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