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Dressy Joggers

Have you found your wardrobe has changed this past year after working from home and not going out as often? Maybe you are looking for how to adapt your at-home style to make it easier to transition to going out again.

I recently had a cross-Canada Radio tour talking about how our style has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic, starting with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM (have a listen!)

To help you out, I have some dressy joggers (I have had them for about 6 years) that I've styled seven different ways from casual to dressy to provide some inspiration.

I want you to take this as a guide. You need to start by considering your style. How do you want to express yourself? What is your style personality? As a personal stylist, this is part of the foundational framework I go through with clients. Discovering who you are and creating a wardrobe that fits.

A few points about Style Personality:

  • You can have more than one style in your style personality - there is no right or wrong here

  • It can take time to truly discover it. You need to test out and actually wear different styles

  • Start with creating outfits based on what you have in your closet and being intentional about how you feel in each style

  • Remember, because it looks amazing on someone else, it does not mean you will feel the same in it

Let's start with some casual looks.

The base outfit includes the dressy joggers (I call them dressy because they are made out of dress pant material) and a white v-neck t-shirt.

For a sporty style, I layered a zip-up luon jacket.

For a preppy style, I added a cardigan (and preppy is a slight exaggeration as I don't have much for true preppy in my closet)

For a casual style, I put on a denim jacket

For an edgy style, I used my leather jacket. To make it more springy you can add a light scarf

Here are some dressier looks:

For a glam style, I put on some sparkles and pearls with a silk top and heels

For a classic style, I went with a blazer with clean lines

The final style is also more in the classic style, but to make it a minimalist style I would change the sweater to black for a monochrome look and a simple necklace.

If you have an eclectic/boho style personality you could pair these with a patterned, flowy top.

Have you discovered your style personality yet? The best way to get started is to check out the All Set Style Pinterest page and have a look at the different style boards (there are men's boards as well!). It is not exhaustive, but a great place to start!

If you want some help, I would encourage you to go through our Core Style Services, join our next Virtual Wardrobe Edit - Group Series, or take our Creating Your Confident Closet online course.




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