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Top 10 of 2020

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

2020 was a year none of us could have predicted. It was a year we had to learn to be adaptable, patient and kind. As I look at the journey of All Set Style in 2020, I wanted to share some highlights. I am very excited about what is coming in 2021, but first let's take a moment to reflect.

All Set Style's top 10 for 2020:

  • First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful to have worked with numerous clients over the year who were all eager to set a new style standard for themselves and take some time to learn how to express who they are through what they wear. From one-on-one to corporate style sessions to online classes, each one has left a lasting impression on me.

  • I can officially say we are Canada wide as I have worked with clients from across Canada with the power of virtual meetings!

  • Released the first online course in The Style Lab!! As an image consultant I am constantly looking for different ways to connect with clients. By offering different types of services, we can impact even more people. Click here to find out more about 'Creating Your Confident Closet' online course.

  • I styled four photoshoots and have been published in three different magazines from one shoot, and potentially one more from another...fingers crossed. Check out more on instagram @allsetstyle.editorial

  • Created a downloadable document to help you declutter your closet. You can get it here if you are interested.

  • Navigated the pandemic shut down via some of the items above, plus we offered all our services virtually - yes, even the colour analysis can be done virtually!

  • Did a three post blog series interview with a friend and past client to showcase the impact working with All Set Style can have. If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend sitting down for a few minutes to read them.

  • In professional and personal development – one in-person conference (before lockdown) and three virtual conferences, read/listened to over 60 books - both fiction and non-fiction, learned about my top 5 strengths through name a few things I've done to grow myself and the business.

  • Suited up numerous made-to-measure clients in collaboration with (also had my first made to measure blazer as they are starting to offer women's suiting)

I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of, but I feel great about this list. I look forward to building on all this work as we get into 2021.

What is something you are proud of working on in 2020? If you are interested in exploring your style game in 2021 I am here to help, send me an email [] and we can chat further.

Stay curious my friends,




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