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Let's Talk Trends

I'm not trendy. I consider myself stylish because I know the styles I feel amazing in. I focus on those and not the latest trend. I have developed a method for evaluating trends and whether or not I will indulge.

If you have followed me for a while, you know I love to buy for longevity. This is also how I work with my clients - let's be intentional and plan for you, not for what you are told to like/buy.

Here is how I decide if I will partake in a trend or not:

  • Does the colour work for me? Do I feel like I sparkle when I where it?

  • Is it in my style personality, or is it a style that works with my style personality?

  • Does this style work for my silhouette and make me feel balanced?

  • Can I picture wearing it with at least three different pieces I currently have in my wardrobe?

If you can answer yes to most of these, then it might be worth giving it a try! If most were a no, then save your money and wait for something that will be amazing.

Here are some of the many trends this spring and my thoughts - three men and three women:

For Men:

Tonal Layering

This trend has been in for a couple seasons now and I really like it. It is something different from the monochrome look and you can create interest and depth just with different shades. You will want to have three different shades to really get the effect.

Tropical Shirts

Have you stuffed your tropical shirts in the back corner of your closet waiting for a Hawaiian vacation? Wait no longer, they're back! Now, to pull this off as a trend and not just a 'I reached into the back of my closet...' be mindful of what you pair it with - like clean denim or chinos like you see here (not oversized).


You will see a lot of pastels this season. The biggest thing I will say if you venture here, make sure you choose a shade that works with your undertone! If you have a cool undertone, make sure the pastel is cool. This will help you look vibrant.

For Women: