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Lavender for Days


I was looking at trends for spring/summer 2018 recently and lavender is one of the colour trends! With all the Fashion Revolution work that went on in April, it felt fitting to reach into my closet to see what inspiration I can get from what I already own, instead of heading to a store.

This lavender dress is the result of my search...

I bought this dress years and years ago and truthfully only pull it out occasionally. I won't get rid of it because I love it - both the colour and style work for me. When you get pieces like this in your wardrobe you need to hold onto them and most of all -wear them!!

Below are three ways I've styled my dress to help it work harder for me.

All business with this look.

I've styled it with a blazer to bring out the business side of this dress so I can wear it to a meeting with a corporate client. I went with a royal purple blazer to give it a tonal look, but could also pair it with a black blazer and black shoes, or a white blazer. Fun to have options!

I kept the shoes nude for this look to keep it looking fresh and springy.

Date night!

Business meeting during the day, night out with the ladies in the evening done with ease. This dress is great for a formal event like a wedding, or date night where I want to get dressed up. The jewels sparkle it up and shoes (although it's hard to tell in the photo) also have a shimmer to them.

I could also pair a fancy shawl with it in case the weather is feeling chilly.

Getting things done!

For the days I need to run a few errands or meet a friend for lunch, I've gone casual for this look by pairing the dress with my favorite jean jacket and sneakers. I can walk around comfortably while still feeling stylish with these shoes.

I could also change up the necklace to something simpler if I wanted too.

I challenge you to reach into your closet and try reviving something you haven't worn for a while and play with some different ways to style it. Getting the most mileage out of your wardrobe is a key part of having a wardrobe that works for you, not against you. Need help with the inspiration? I'd be happy to help.

Be stylish and find your #allsetstyle.




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