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It's In The Eyes

Have you ever seen yourself through a different lens? I’m talking really see yourself?

I recently had the opportunity to be photographed by the amazing portrait photographer Morgan of Morgan Darcy Portraits. It was such an incredible and eye-opening process. I'm going to share parts of my experience and how the end result moved me.

Picking the outfits I would wear was top of my list. I have to start here because, well, this is my thing! I love most of the pieces in my wardrobe, so narrowing it down was a definite challenge. As I reflected on the story I wanted to tell, the clearer it became which ones to choose. As you see here, there was a lot of colour! I had so much fun dreaming about the story these outfits would help me tell and they did not disappoint.

On the day of my photo session I arrived at the studio -excited and nervous with anticipation. It’s a delightful loft downtown Edmonton that is incredibly inviting. The beautiful window gave the space an airy feel and allowed the light to dance all over the room. The pampering began with Michelle of MG Artistry doing my hair and makeup. It was a true luxury not to have to worry about getting dolled up before leaving my house, I felt like a star! We talked about our lives, our businesses and most of all, the hopes for the day, as Morgan capture the moments.

I’m not one who loves posing for the camera, especially when it’s just me - I usually end up making funny faces. Morgan was so good at making me feel comfortable (despite some of the awkward poses) and best of all, getting me to smile through my eyes in an authentic way.

All this led to the reveal day. I didn't know what to expect, but was excited! As I walked into the studio and looked at the portraits of me, I saw someone I didn’t recognize. It’s fascinating how we create a narrative for ourselves in our heads, but if we can see ourselves through a different lens, that narrative can start to change. Below are some thoughts as I look at myself in a couple of the finished portraits.

Something captivated me about this portrait instantly. When I look at this woman I see a fierceness. A woman who is not afraid and is ready to face anything. She is strong and brave, yet still has an openness about her. I want to know her. I want to be her. I know that sounds silly because I am her, but I will be honest, I don’t often feel that way. I’m human and have so many human feelings and emotions that I often forget to reflect on the whole story of my life.

In this portrait I see strength. I see wisdom. I see power. Part of it is the colour as this is one of my favorite colours to wear, but most of it is in the eyes (which do reflect the colour of the dress). When was the last time you looked in the mirror at your eyes? I mean really looked. I know I don’t very often, if ever. Seeing myself if this capacity and being forced to look into my eyes is moving.

I am so thankful for this experience. We all need to take a few moments to really see ourselves and the amazing people we all are. Don’t lose sight of all the remarkable pieces that make you who you are.




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