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Get Creative with Your Closet: Find your Christmas Party Inspiration

Christmas party season is in full force, if it hasn’t already passed by for some of you. During this time of year there are always occasions to dress up and look your best. This can feel daunting. Not to mention the wintry weather can make you feel more like hibernating than putting on a dress or suit (as you will notice - I’m all for wearing tights to keep warm!).

Let’s get creative with pieces already in your wardrobe (or in this case…my wardrobe)! Here is a bit of inspiration for those of you that need some last-minute ideas for styling an outfit that is party ready!

Here is a dress I would typically wear to the office, however, when I add some sparkly accessories and black patent shoes it becomes a fabulous Christmas party outfit.

I needed some fresh inspiration for this skirt I've had in my closet for years, so I paired it with a dressier tank and a bold shimmery necklace for a chic party look.

This is a dress I have struggled with for a while now, but found that after pairing it with some jewels and this fancy clutch I am party-guest ready. Fun fact - this clutch is one my Nana used to use, which makes it so special!

If you are struggling to find something to wear at your next holiday event don’t underestimate the power of reinventing pieces that are already in your wardrobe - even the ones you may have given up on. If you need help discovering how to make it work, contact me for a free initial consultation.

Merry Christmas!



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