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Your Style Vision

Who are you becoming?

Have you ever made a vision board or spent time creating a vision for your business or personally? I love doing these types of exercises because it helps create focus and an anchor that you can test decisions against. Visioning (specifically ‘Futuristic’) is one of my top strengths and I bring this into the work I do with clients. You might notice I’m very passionate about it. When we can create a clear picture of where we want to go we can start moving toward that now.

You might ask, "what does this have to do with style and clothing?" Well, if you pause and take the time to think about the ideal vision of your life, you can start to create an ideal self-image (or personal image) by asking these questions:

  • Who is this person in the vision of your life?

  • How do you conduct yourself?

  • What words do you use? How are you viewed by others?

  • What are you wearing and what is that communicating?

Once you have this vision, you can start being that person now. Start making your style and wardrobe decisions based on that, not on the past. You do not need to love (or even like) shopping; you don't even need to care much about style in general to know that what you wear communicates something. You get to decide what you want to communicate and then use what you wear as a tool to support what you say. Being intentional is the key.

I have seen transformations with the clients I have worked with…many of them beyond what they even expected. When you start seeing yourself the way you envision your life will be changed.

Left: My client, Helen Moses, at her TEDx talk "DO Talk to Strangers". Learn more about Helen at

'I knew I had found the perfect dress for my TEDx talk without even needing to consult you. I was able to apply what I learned from you and as soon as I found it I knew it was the one! Thank you!' Helen Moses

If you are ready to be intentional about your personal image and level up your style to ensure you are communicating what you want to communicate, answer the questions above for yourself and write out your personal image. If you want to take it further, I can help. Book a time with me and let’s chat!



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