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You Will Dress Like Me

Over the next few blog posts I'm going to talk about some myths I've heard about hiring an image consultant and why I would consider them a myth.

Myth #1 - 'A Wardrobe Stylist is going to dress me just like them'

Thank you to @dallas.alexandra for the photo!
I love a classic look with a little glam and an edgy twist

As a wardrobe stylist and image consultant I have a strong grasp of my own personal style, therefore I am confident with what I wear. I believe that we all have a style personality and my role is to help guide you in discovering and defining yours. We are all unique and beautiful and are the most confident when we are ourselves. Yes, dress code can affect some of what we wear, but we can always bring our personality into it.

Whether you love a classic look, eclectic, edgy, preppy, minimalist...or any combination, it is important to invest time into defining what that is so you can build a wardrobe you absolutely love.

You also want to think about how you can bring your style personality into your lifestyle. If you love an edgy look, but work in a corporate office, wear a blazer that's less traditional or a leather cuff that gives you this bit of edge, but is still professional.

Here are some ways I suggest you go about defining your style personality:

* Pinterest is a wonderful tool. Create a board that's called 'my style' and start pinning outfits/pieces that catch your eye, then start creating those outfits with what you already have and see how you feel in them

* Pay attention to how you actually feel in the pieces and outfits you wear, this will help you know what to add and what to eliminate - if you don't love it, don't keep it

* Have a colour palette with both neutrals and colours that bring out the best in you and your complexion

One of the best strategies is to be mindful. If you aren't paying attention to how you feel in your clothes then you may continue spending money buying clothes that don't give you that little confidence boost. What you wear should reflect what's inside.

If you need some guidance, I am here. Contact me if you would like to see how I can we can work together. As always, there is a complimentary initial phone consultation.

Happy Styling!




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