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Will You Embrace Fall with a Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation?

Why a professional organizer and an image consultant think you should!

As the leaves change color and the air gets crisper, it's that time of the year when we welcome the cozy embrace of fall - and fall fashion! When it comes to closets, the transition from one season to another can be both exciting and challenging. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Today, we’re sharing our insights from two perspectives: Kaytlyn, a professional organizer, and Shelby, a personal style consultant. Together, we'll explore how seasonal closet changes refresh your look for fall, while being efficient and budget-friendly.

But First - What is a Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation?

A wardrobe rotation, also known as a seasonal closet swap or turnover, is the process of removing your clothing and outerwear from a primary closet into storage as the weather changes. With this method, in-season items are most accessible and visible, while off-season items are temporarily stored. Items can be stored in another room, or it can be as simple as moving in-season items to the focal point of your closet.

A Professional Organizer’s Perspective:

Being a professional organizer, I thrive on efficiency and simplicity. This is especially true when it comes to getting dressed and out the door, which is why I love swapping out my fall and spring wardrobes. My favourite benefits of completing a seasonal wardrobe rotation are:

Decreased Distractions

Removing off-season items from your space reduces distractions and allows you to easily organize and efficiently find the items you’re looking for. With a seasonal closet, you can quickly spot your autumn favorites, eliminating the need to sift through all your summer clothes every time you need a sweater. It’s a no-cost time and sanity saver!

Simplified Maintenance

As an organizer, I find overstuffed closets to be frustrating and overwhelming. It’s hard to find specific items and even more difficult to stuff them back in! By removing seasonal clothing, you'll create more space, making it easier to locate items and to put clothes away neatly. The easier it is to put things away, the more likely we are to actually do it. A tidy, organized closet is visually pleasing, and it promotes a sense of calm and clarity - which we could all use more of!

A Chance to Declutter

Preparing your closet for the upcoming season provides an opportunity to periodically review what you wore during the previous season. Did you wear all those summer dresses? Were there pieces you never touched? This is the perfect time to declutter the items that no longer serve you, rather than storing them away to deal with next year.

A Personal Stylist’s Perspective:

As a personal stylist I am often asked - is swapping out my closet seasonally really necessary? My answer is always a resounding ‘YES!’ Here are my reasons for swapping out your wardrobe seasonally, and the impact it has on your life:

The Feeling of 'New Clothes'

Seasonal swaps can be a great way to avoid the pressure to buy a new wardrobe every fall. Rediscovering your cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots is incredibly refreshing and exciting after they’ve been out of sight for six months. It feels like getting a brand-new wardrobe without spending a dime! This simple process can help you fall in love with your clothes at the start of every season.

Style Expression

Rotating your closet promotes the opportunity for increased style expression. You're more likely to experiment with different combinations and accessories when your wardrobe is in-season, leading to a more diverse and exciting fashion repertoire.

Different seasons offer opportunities to explore new styles, colours, and patterns. This allows you to express your personal style and dig into some of the shades in your colour palette that you haven’t worn for a while - giving you a refreshed feeling!

Efficient Decision Making

A key benefit of preparing your closet for autumn is streamlining your decision-making process when getting dressed and shopping. With fewer items in your closet it is easier to pick an outfit, and who doesn’t love saving time in the morning? Plus, it becomes easier to identify any gaps in your wardrobe and determine what you need to purchase to round out your closet. This mindful approach to shopping saves you from impulse buys and ensures you invest in pieces that truly enhance your style and integrate with what you already own.

Incorporating seasonal closet changes into your routine improves efficiency and tidiness, and also brings a sense of order and excitement to your fashion choices. By simply rotating your clothes seasonally, you'll be well on your way to a stylish and efficient fall wardrobe. Embrace the season with a well-organized closet and enjoy the crisp, cool days ahead!

The Experts:

Kaytlyn Beakhouse is the Lead Organizer at Sort & Simple Professional Organizing. With a passion for simplicity and efficiency, her team brings flow and function to any space. Ready to declutter your closet? Contact Sort & Simple today!

Shelby Eloria is the Founder and Lead Image Consultant of All Set Style. We guide people in owning their presence & style, using what we wear every day as a tool to achieve the expression of your authentic self.


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