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How To Tie A Winter Scarf

I am often asked how to tie a scarf, so here it is! Many videos out there show 10-20+ ways to tie a scarf and this can often feel overwhelming and complicated. Here I am going to show the six go-to ways I tie my winter scarves. I actually use these, so I know they are easy to do and style.

Here is my video tutorial, please watch and like it!

Use the tutorial above, but here are some photos of the final looks.

Here are the first four ways I tie a scarf using my reversible leopard print blanket scarf.

1. The Classic Loop

2. The Loop

3. The Braid

4. The Drape

Here are the two ways (as well as two variations) of a square blanket scarf.

5. The Handkerchief

*Also shown, two variations of the Handkerchief tied in front and behind

6. The Shawl

I hope you found the video tutorial helpful! This is the first of two videos, I will do another video in the spring on tying a lighter scarf.

Stay warm all you lovely people and be sure to share this around.




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