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Everything I Own is Wrong

Myth #2 - 'I will be told everything I own is wrong and has to be thrown out'

As we continue on the myth series, one thing I have heard is a fear that I will go into your wardrobe, tell you it's all wrong and throw everything out (like in the show What Not To Wear). While this could be a possibility if everything you've ever bought doesn't suit you, but in my experiences that's typically not the case. I'm going to share some insights on how I approach your wardrobe.

I believe there are four elements to a wardrobe you love:

1. Colour - what colours bring out the sparkle in your eyes?

2. Silhouette - what silhouette's do you feel amazing in?

3. Style Personality - how you express yourself, this is all you and not someone else

4. Lifestyle - what do you spend your time doing?

I walk you through a journey of discovery around these four elements and how they relate to your wardrobe.

After we dig into each of these elements, we go through what you have in your wardrobe. Sometimes there are pieces that you will look at and realize, that needs to go because you can now identify why you don't wear it or why you don't feel great in it. There are other pieces that you will need to sit with for a while and pay attention to how they work into your plan.

I am also a huge fan of sustainability, so I don't want to throw everything you have out. I would rather help you discover how to wear it differently, in a way that feels right for you, before moving it along.

It's a process and can take time, even years, to fully set up your wardrobe. You take one step at a time, it's not about throwing everything out and starting from scratch. It's about just starting.

A great place to start, even without hiring an Image Consultant, is to pay attention to how you feel in each outfit - do you feel amazing? do you wish you were wearing something else? - make note of it and start focusing on getting more of what you feel amazing in.

If you need some guidance, I am here. Contact me if you would like to see how I can we can work together. As always, there is a complimentary initial phone consultation.

Happy Styling!




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