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Embrace Your True Colours: Finding the Perfect Hue for You

Have you ever caught yourself saying "I can't wear [insert colour here]"? If yes, this blog is for you!

Let's explore the science behind colour choices and how reframing our mindset can lead to a more confident and stylish approach. Plus, what better day to discuss this than Canada Day, where the colour red takes the spotlight!

1. The Power of Finding Your Perfect Hue:

I used to tell myself ‘I can’t wear green’ because I had tried numerous greens and did not enjoy wearing any of them. I went years without wearing green. That is until I found the right tone for me. Like how I discovered my love for emerald green, finding your perfect hue can make you feel fantastic. Take some time to experiment and explore different shades within a particular colour family. There are numerous options available, and by knowing your undertones, you can choose the colours that truly enhance your complexion.

2. The Allure of Red:

Red is a classic colour often associated with Canada Day, but did you know that there are various shades of red, each with its own undertone? Warm undertones are present in orange reds, while cool undertones are found in blue reds. If you have been wearing a particular shade of red that doesn't make you feel your best, it might be worth considering exploring other red hues that align with your undertones.

3. Discovering Your Colour Palette:

Through the Your True Colours colour draping system, I gained insight into my ideal colour palette. It was a transformative experience that made me realize the profound impact colour can have on our confidence. For example, I discovered that fuchsia pink, which is within my colour palette, makes me feel incredible when I wear it. Understanding your colour palette can change the way you approach your wardrobe, shopping, and self-perception.

4. The Empowering Choice:

The beauty of understanding your colour palette is that it doesn't restrict you; it empowers you to make intentional choices. While your colour palette serves as a guideline, you have the freedom to explore colours outside of it whenever you want. Embrace this tool as a means of expressing your unique style and personality. Remember, every colour palette offers a vast array of options, ensuring that you'll find colours that resonate with you.

My colour analysis services will show you all the shades for you, such as fuchsia pink, that you can wear to celebrate Canada Day! With this knowledge you can explore all the colours within your palette.

The mindset of style is powerful, and by understanding the science behind colour choices, you can enhance your appearance and embrace your true colours. If you're curious about colour draping, don't hesitate to reach out and discover the transformative world of personal colour analysis.

Happy Canada Day, and may your celebrations be filled with vibrant hues and self-expression.



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