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Transformative power of clothing

I recently had a profoundly life changing experience that I'm eager to share with you.

I received an invitation to attend a three-day conference hosted by one of my clients named ‘Passion to Purpose’. Leading up to this event I found myself in a heightened emotional state. This left me torn between the reluctance of ‘not feeling it’ and the anticipation fueled by high expectations of something shifting within me and I suspected that was preparing me for what I was about to experience over the weekend.

One thing I know about myself is that when I am in a ‘I’m not feeling it’ mindset, it means I will do it. I consciously choose the tougher path, recognizing the long-term benefits it brings.

I chose to attend the conference, sensing a shift in my vibrational state even before the event commenced. It started out with an out-of-body experience with people coming up to me and asking, "Are you the stylist?" Internally I felt an odd calm and wave of emotion all at the same time. People noticed my work. Ultimately it’s not about me, it’s about her. It's about her being herself and wearing clothing that supports her and her message.

I found that as I listened to Stacey Berger over the three days, I was captivated by her message. I was present and in the moment. She was herself, allowing me to be myself. When we wear clothing that is us - that communicates us - our message is heard more clearly than ever before. There is alignment and harmony.

Having people see it and come up to me and share what they saw with me was very grounding and affirming. People who had attended and love her work could see and sense the shift. Her message has always been strong, but was elevated to another level. That’s part of who we are as people -- consistently learning, growing and becoming.

What we wear is a way to share with others who we are inside. When who we are internally, what we show externally, and what we say, are all in alignment then powerful things happen.

The other part of this weekend was my own internal shifting. So much of what she talked about that weekend hit me deep. I had one major breakthrough in my mindset and it has since spurred on some action that I had been hung up on for years. When we are open to learning and applying it to ourselves, it’s incredible what comes up. Great things to come on this front!

The final thing I want to leave you with is my own personal style going to this conference.

I have a signature look that is my go-to – jeans, t-shirt, and colourful blazer. Heading into the weekend I decided I wanted to allow my creativity to flow with my outfits. I’ve slowly been getting back to changing things up and used this as a great opportunity. Three guiding questions—Do I feel like me? Am I comfortable? Does this align with what I want to say?—formed the foundation for my wardrobe selections for the weekend.

Here are two of the outfits I chose (sadly I forgot to take a picture of the third outfit!)

If you are looking to make 2024 your best year ever, I highly recommend attending Stacey’s Passion to Purpose event in January. I would love to have you join me…yes, I’m already signed up and ready to take things to another level.



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