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Spring Refresh

If you have ever done a full closet cleanout you will know that eventually things can get out of hand again if you don't perform regular maintenance.

In this post we are going to focus on the maintenance of your closet. You can read more on doing a closet cleanse in this blog post or by signing up to receive our 'Declutter Your Closet' Guide.

I'm a big proponent of a framework to help declutter your closet so you know why you are moving pieces along or keeping them rather than getting rid of items without intention. When you know the why, you are less likely to end up in the same place after a year or two. At the end of this post I will share with you how I can help you in that way.

WHY maintain your closet?

  • To keep you accountable to wearing what you own

  • Helps you to focus on only buying things you love to wear so you don't have to move it along

  • Allows you to constantly refine your personal style

WHEN do you perform maintenance?

  • When you turn over your closet from winter to spring and from summer to fall - these are great moments to step back and look at what you wore that season and what you didn't, assessing why if you did not wear it

  • If not at season turnover, I recommend intentionally looking through your clothes once per year

  • On the daily, if you put something on and take it right off, that is a good indication it might have fulfilled its purpose in your wardrobe

HOW do you perform maintenance?

  • Start with a general perusal of your wardrobe

    • Can you see everything? Are there any hidden items?

    • At first glance, make note of the areas/items you know you don't reach for on a regular basis

  • Take all those items out, try them on and ask...

    • Would I buy this item again?

    • Does it fit with my colours/silhouette/style personality?

  • If you are having trouble making the decision, then it's ready to move along [if it's not an "ABSOLUTELY!" then it's a no]

    • Another trick is to put them in a donation bag and set it aside. If you don't reach for it in the next 6-12months it's a definite move along

    • Ask yourself WHY you are having trouble letting go. Doing this can help you work through the emotions around the item

    • Ask yourself if this items supports your style/personal image goals

The tips above will help keep your wardrobe in check, making sure it fully supports your goals and vision for your life. Our personal style is a tool we can use to support those goals and having a streamlined closet that is not overstuffed is a key component of that.

If you are looking for more support, I am here for you. I offer many different options from one-on-one wardrobe edits and shopping experiences, to group experiences and long-term support. I even work with corporate teams as a fun bonus!

Happy Closet Refreshing!




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