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Seasonal Wardrobe Swap

A part of having a wardrobe that you wear and love is changing out items as the seasons change. I do this twice a year - as we head into spring/summer and fall/winter.

This is a practice my mom had us do when we were kids because, let's face it, having four kids in the house meant there wasn't an abundance of room to keep all our clothes out all year round. Plus it felt like getting a new wardrobe twice a year when we brought the stored items out!

Here are my top reasons for doing a seasonal swap:

  • Clears out the clutter in your closet

  • Creates focus so you aren't distracted by out of season pieces

  • Gives the opportunity at least twice a year to purge your closet

As a wardrobe specialist I work with clients to create a wardrobe they love. A part of having a wardrobe you love is maintenance. Once you have your wardrobe established, you still need to keep it fresh and ensure it doesn't end up in a place where you don't love it anymore. I have found that by doing this seasonal swap it helps me keep an eye on things and intentionally retire items that don't work for me any more.

Here are some tips for doing the swap:

  • Keep a list (physical or a mental list) of your basics that you wear year round - keep them out

  • Pull out all the clothes you want to put away from your closet, move along any items you know you don't want to carry forward into next year & wash anything that is soiled

  • Bring out your bin of items that have been put away, wash everything so it goes into your closet nice and fresh. Be sure to try things on before putting them away

Does it still fit? * Does it still work for your style personality & lifestyle? * Do you feel amazing in it?

It is important to ask those questions because what we felt amazing in last year may not feel as amazing this year.

It's a great time to start doing a closet cleanse and making the switch from winter to spring items! Want some guidance to doing a closet detox? I will be offering a five week virtual wardrobe edit very soon, keep an eye on our upcoming events.




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