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Get Your Closet Working Harder

If you are ready to embrace spring fashion and get the most out of what you already own, keep reading.

Some call it a capsule wardrobe, but I call it a base wardrobe. It is for those who want a simple and effective wardrobe, but don't necessarily want to be limited with the number of pieces. I think that works for some, which is amazing. For most clients I work with, a 12-item wardrobe won't work for their lifestyle.

Benefits of creating a base wardrobe:

  • Gives you the foundations for building a wardrobe

  • Ignites your current wardrobe by seeing pieces differently

  • Allows you to identify gaps and fill them in your next shopping trip

Below is a base wardrobe I've created for spring using what I already have in my closet.

To build:

  • Choose colour scheme of 3-4 neutrals + 1-2 colours

  • Identify the types of activities you need this for (i.e. - work/fun/outdoors/all) to help with the levels of dress

  • Pick 4 bottoms, 4 layering pieces, and 4 tops

For my style and needs, I chose:

  • Neutrals: Black, White, Grey, Denim

  • Colours: Bright Pink + Emerald Green

  • Dress Code: Dressy casual/work/casual

Drum roll are my pieces.

I can now get over 60 different outfit combinations from this - and that's before adding in footwear and accessories as those can change the look of an outfit.

I didn't take pictures of all potential 60+ outfits, but a few examples are below:

The idea for creating outfits is to choose one bottom, one layering piece, and one top in any combination.

Next, add on the accessories and footwear, depending on the occasion (and often for me my mood!).

Footwear can change the to look of an outfit. Below you can see how footwear can give the outfit a slightly different feel.

When I work with clients, my goal is to open up the possibilities of their wardrobe by narrowing things down before opening them up again. Once you have this base, you can swap other pieces in and out.

It also serves as a guide for shopping. If you can picture wearing the new pieces you are about to buy with at least three pieces in this base wardrobe, then you know you will get good use out of it and it won't end up being one piece for one outfit.

I want you to feel inspired by this. Take this into your wardrobe and create your own based on your undertone (colours), silhouette, style personality, and lifestyle. These style foundations, in addition to building a base will ignite you wardrobe in ways you never expected.

To your style success,



p.s. Watch for upcoming events! I am going to offer a 'Shop Your Closet' event during Fashion Revolution week April 18-24th so keep your eyes peeled for details through our newsletter and on social media.


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