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3 Refreshing Steps to Update Your Style

NEW BEGINNINGS - what's not to love? Whether it’s a new calendar year, a new birth year, a new ‘school’ year, there is something novel about it.

It feels like a time to refresh, to try something new, to view myself differently, to make a change.

Have you ever thought about revitalizing your style? I've learned that when it comes to our wardrobes, the refresh starts with our mindset. Like anything in life, a lasting change starts there. When it comes to revitalizing one's style, most people think the first step involves their closets. In fact, it actually starts with how we perceive ourselves.

This is why I have chosen to start this year with a Mindset of Style refresh.

This might feel like a different way to start a closet refresh, but stay with me here: In my experience, it’s the best way to start because you give yourself the opportunity to create a wardrobe and a style that truly reflects YOU.

Here three steps you to get started with your wardrobe refresh:

1. Track what you wear and how you feel in the clothing items.

  • Be sure to track everything from what you wear to work, to going out for dinner, to what you wear lounging around the house – it’s all important

2. Get the things out of your closet you know you don’t like.

  • You know what these pieces are…you might keep them around for various reasons including you spent money on it and you feel guilty…it’s not helping you out just sitting there, so moving it along!

3. Review your tracking and make a list of clothing items you feel great in and a separate list of what you don’t feel good in

  • Use this as a reminder next time you shop to buy more of what you feel great in and none of what you don’t feel great in. Trust me, writing it down will help with breaking the habit of buying the same things

Ready to learn more?

Join me for a free 4-week Style Journey and make this the year you fully step into yourself, which includes your style and what you wear. Clothing is something that you put on every day and it’s a powerful communication tool to yourself and others.

I've packaged everything you need to get started in an easy-to-digest course, emailed directly to your inbox. The work is done - all you have to do is show up and be willing to do some hard work. I’m walking with you!

If you are ready to start changing your Mindset of Style and let go of your old way of thinking about yourself and your style, then you won't want to miss this. As a personal stylist I see over and over again when we start with our mindset we will make a lasting change.

I want you to feel amazing in what you wear every day. I want what you wear to help you focus more on the amazing things you do and the amazing person you are.

It’s going to be an amazing year my friends!




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