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Stop wandering around malls and wasting money on clothes that don’t make you feel fabulous! Make your next shopping experience stress-free, fun, and rewarding. 


This service includes

We’ll teach you how to buy with confidence, challenge you to break bad shopping habits, and show you how to find the colours and styles that work for you.

Details & Extras

Common questions

You will be supported throughout this process. You can message or email any time with questions that pop up. We want you to feel confident!

Q: What should my shopping budget be?

A: This is entirely up to you. We have worked with individuals who buy one thing and will buy everything we find. Education is a large part of the service, so you will learn for all your future shopping trips as well.

Reviews & Testimonials


Shelby is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, organized, and has a great eye. My closet feels so much lighter, and I have gotten dozens of compliments on the outfits she has chosen for me. The only regret I have about hiring her is that I did not do so sooner.

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