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Style & Closet Reset.

A collaboration with All Set Style x Sort & Simple.

Transform your wardrobe, space, and mindset by working with the experts from All Set Style and Sort & Simple. In this experience you will gain skills and strategies to edit, maintain, and personalize your wardrobe and closet. Get ready for your day with ease and confidence. 

You will begin with the Style Foundations session with All Set Style to understand your style in a deeper way. We have added bonus access to the Wardrobe Edit module for additional knowledge on making the Style Foundations work into your closet. 

During your 3 hour Closet Organization session with Sort & Simple, we’ll work together to create flow and function, that you can maintain for the long term. You’ll also have access to our exclusive Closet Organizing  toolkit with strategies to keep you organized and on track. 

The Learning Journey:

  • 1.5 hrs Style Foundations Session with All Set Style

  • Access to BONUS Wardrobe Edit module from the All Set Style Academy’s Master Your Style Online Course

  • 3 hrs Closet Organization with Sort & Simple

  • Access to BONUS Closet Maintenance Toolkit from Sort & Simple

Value: $835


Kaytlyn Beakhouse is the Lead Organizer at Sort & Simple Professional Organizing. With a passion for simplicity and efficiency, her team brings flow and function to any space. Ready to declutter your closet? Contact Sort & Simple today

Shelby Eloria is the Founder and Lead Image Consultant of All Set Style. We guide people in owning their presence & style, using what we wear every day as a tool to achieve the expression of your authentic self. 

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