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Defining your personal style can be daunting task by yourself. If you are not quite ready for an individual session, a group session is a great option! Partner with us, and together we can uncover your true style. It all starts with your current wardrobe, and ends with you looking and feeling amazing.

Colour & Clothing Class

This group session takes a deep dive into the colours that suit you best! Knowing the colours for you is the first place to start when building a wardrobe you love. We are certified in determining the colour palette that will make your eyes come alive using Fashion Academy’s Your True Colours ® system! This can be the difference between feeling like you want to hide versus feeling confident in every part of your day. And how fun to do this with a fabulous group of friends? This is a fun and interactive session that will give you an incredible tool to reduce shopping mishaps.

This 2-2.5 hour session is ideal for 4-8 people and will provide you with:

  • A personal colour book to keep and take with you on future shopping trips

  • Practical information on colour theory and how it relates to you and your wardrobe

  • A workbook with useful style information

  • Opportunity to ask a professional image consultant your burning style questions

  • $50 voucher toward wardrobe edit or shop with a stylist session

These are offered privately for a group of your friends or publicly

Investment: Starting at $150 +gst per person
Shop Your Closet workshop, learn how to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Virtual Group Wardrobe Edit

Learn online or in person

This class is a guided experience that will leave you feeling clear and confident with your wardrobe decisions. Is your closet feeling out of hand? Do you find you only wear a few pieces of clothing and the rest sit there doing nothing for you? Let’s get down to business and reclaim your wardrobe by making it more manageable and up-to-date.

In this five week webinar series we will teach and guide you through 10 modules (two in each week’s webinar) that will empower you to discover the basic colours, shape, and style preferences that suit you best. You will go through this online webinar from the comfort of your own home!

What is Included:

  • Five live 1-hr teaching webinars 

  • Weekly worksheets and homework

  • Access to a private facebook group with all the individuals going through the series

  • Opportunity to ask a professional Image Consultant any questions!

These are offered privately and publicly to a group of 5+ individuals.

Investment: Please Inquire

Group Style Education Masterclass

Let’s reclaim your wardrobe by making it more manageable and up-to-date. You will be guided on how to go through your closet piece-by-piece and decide which styles need to stay, and which should make a quick exit.

In this two week masterclass series we teach and guide you through 10 modules that will empower you to discover the colours, silhouette, and style preferences that suit you best. You will go through it with a group of individuals at a designated location.

What is included:

  • Two 3 hr classes

  • Wardrobe foundations - colour draping, silhouette determination & strategies, style personality, and lifestyle

  • Colour card for personal colour palette to keep

  • Workbook and homework

  • Opportunity to ask a professional Image Consultant any questions!

We love group sessions from colour analysis to online group wardrobe edits
Investment: Please Inquire


Shelby was super knowledgeable and explained things very clearly. I left with a greater understanding of why I already love certain items in my closet and why I hate others. This is going to help when shopping in the future for sure. I would recommend this [Colour & Clothing] course to anyone! 

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