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The Art of Owning Your Presence

The focus of my work at All Set Style over the last 10 years has focused on how our clothes and appearance feed the initial and long-lasting impression we make in the minds of our audiences. The confident image we display to others is a simple reflection of the confidence we feel inside.

How we appear to people through their eyes is only half of the story of confidence. What they hear in their ears when we speak, no matter the topic, is the truest reflection of our presence and the confidence we feel inside. 

When we speak confidently we:

  • Signal to others that they know what we're talking about and that our opinions are worth listening to.

  • Convey our personality and character traits and appear more self-assured, assertive, and decisive. 

  • Overcome any fears or doubts we may have about ourselves. We can create a positive feedback loop in which our words and actions reinforce our self-belief, which in turn increases our confidence.

I am so excited to share the complete picture of my passion for complete confidence by inviting you join a beta version of my course: SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE - The Art of Owning your Presence.

I have 6 openings in a BETA test version of the course before I release it to the general public later this year. I hope you will join me on this journey. At the end of the course I will kindly ask for your feedback to help me refine the course offering. I am confident you will get life changing advice and practical solutions to speaking with confidence by conveying the truest version of yourself.



Malory church

"Shelby did a travel packing [course] with me before I went to Europe. It was extremely helpful to develop a plan, coordinate pieces and reduce the amount of clothing and accessory items to pack for the trip. The [course] provided me with such valuable tips and it has helped me to be more intentional with my packing for any trips, whether it be weekend getaways or two week vacations. Shelby was great to work with!!"

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