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Wardrobe Edit

Let’s get down to business and reclaim your wardrobe by making it more manageable and up-to-date. We’ll go through your closet piece-by-piece and decide which styles need to stay, and which should make a quick exit. Meanwhile, the process will help us discover your shape, size, and preferences so we can lay out the colours, patterns, and designs that suit you best

What Is Included:

Style Foundations 

To build a wardrobe that works for you starts with setting the foundations. This session takes a deep dive into the colours that suit you best! Knowing the colours for you is the first place to start when building a wardrobe you love. We are certified in determining the colour palette that will make your eyes come alive using Fashion Academy’s Your True Colours ® system! Next we move into talking about your silhouette and learning strategies for how you can feel balanced in the clothing you wear, both vertically and horizontally. The third part of this session is defining your style personality. We are all different on the inside and this is where we learn how you can communicate who you are through the style of clothing you wear. Finally, we talk about your lifestyle and how to ensure your wardrobe matches what you spend your time doing.


These foundations can be the difference between feeling like you want to hide versus feeling confident in every part of your day. 



We understand that not everyone has learned style basics and therefore take an educational approach to everything we go through. We want you to be able to take the knowledge you gain into your future, setting a new standard for yourself and being able to make wardrobe decisions with confidence now and into the future. 

Review of current wardrobe

Now that we understand the foundations of who you are when it comes to style, we take that knowledge into your current wardrobe. We now have language to help you understand why something works for you and why others don't, making it easier to know what stays and what goes. We also talk about how you can style what you have to get more out of it.

We can easily feel stuck  

On average we wear about 20% of what is in our closet. It's easy to find yourself reaching for the same things over and over. Through this session we start breaking those habits by giving your closet a focus. Like with anything in our lives, if there is too much clutter it distracts us from seeing the true gems. We moving along the pieces that aren't serving you any longer so we can highlight what will serve you going forward. It also allows us to identify items that are missing and will bring everything together.

Style Report

We go through a lot of information in the session and will send you a customized report that include much of the information we review, including a custom base wardrobe example.

Post-Session check in

We understand that questions will come up after our session, therefore about a month after the session we will schedule a 30 minute virtual session to talk through any questions or insights that have come up. 

Ongoing Support

In the same idea as above, we also offer ongoing messaging/email support if you have any style questions that we can help you with. Your personal stylist will be happy to provide you with some feedback. 

Wardrobe Edit

$695 / 4 hours

Having a closet full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear can feel frustrating. Let's give your closet a new lease on life. 

Session Includes:

  • 1 hour Style Foundations session - colour, silhouette, style personality, and lifestyle

  • 3 hours in your closet editing and educating on what you own

  • Personal report

  • 30 min follow-up session

  • Ongoing support




This was such a great exercise and time with Shelby, of getting so crystal clear how I can shop and dress to bring out the best color in me. Also my body type and personality style has become so clear in how to select styles and clothes to bring out the best look for me! And now I love shopping, knowing what to look for. Thank you so much Shelby, you are a huge asset to any woman's wardrobe!!!

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