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Whether it's a trip of a lifetime, an annual beach vacation, or a weekend trip to the mountains you deserve to feel amazing in what you wear on your next trip. You do not need to overpack to achieve this, you need to be intentional and do the decision making ahead of time so you pack smarter.

If you have ever overpacked for a trip or got to your destination and realized you don’t have the right wardrobe for the trip, this is a course for you. 


You will learn how to build a wardrobe for your trip that aligns with who you are and the adventure you are on. Taking the time upfront to pack effectively leaves you open to being fully present on your trip all while feeling confident in your clothing.


Are you ready to have a clear direction on how to create the wardrobe for your travels? Once you have the tools from this course, it will be easier than you think!


In this course, you will:

  • Learn the foundations of choosing a wardrobe for your trip - from a beach vacation to a European adventure

  • Be guided through which pieces you currently have should go with you and what gaps you might have - allowing you to make those decisions early so you don’t end up wasting time last minute. 

  • We tackle clothing, accessories, and footwear, which will frontload your decision making so while you are on your trip you won’t have to waste time thinking about what you are going to wear

  • Learn how you can align your personal style with the trip you are on


Your wardrobe decisions on your trip will be much easier. You may even find that you are able to be more present and like your photos better. 


Let’s get started on your dream travel wardrobe today!


**Please note, this course is effective for all genders



Malory church

"Shelby did a travel packing [course] with me before I went to Europe. It was extremely helpful to develop a plan, coordinate pieces and reduce the amount of clothing and accessory items to pack for the trip. The [course] provided me with such valuable tips and it has helped me to be more intentional with my packing for any trips, whether it be weekend getaways or two week vacations. Shelby was great to work with!!"

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