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Shop with a Stylist

Let’s get down to business and reclaim your wardrobe by making it more manageable and up-to-date. We’ll go through your closet piece-by-piece and decide which styles need to stay, and which should make a quick exit. Meanwhile, the process will help us discover your shape, size, and preferences so we can lay out the colours, patterns, and designs that suit you best

Shop With A Stylist


Stop wandering around malls and wasting money on clothes that don’t make you feel fabulous! Make your next shopping experience stress-free, fun, and rewarding. We’ll teach you how to buy with confidence, challenge you to break bad shopping habits, and show you how to find the colours and styles that work for you.

  • 1 hr Foundations Consultation: Colour (incl. colour card), silhouette, style personality, and lifestyle

  • Personalized report for future reference

  • Stylist shops in advance based on your style and needs (1.5 hrs)

  • 2 hr shopping session where you learn how to shop for your silhouette, lifestyle, and budget 

  • There is no commitment or obligation to buy

  • Post-shop check in call and email with questions anytime!

Investment: Please Inquire



This was such a great exercise and time with Shelby, of getting so crystal clear how I can shop and dress to bring out the best color in me. Also my body type and personality style has become so clear in how to select styles and clothes to bring out the best look for me! And now I love shopping, knowing what to look for. Thank you so much Shelby, you are a huge asset to any woman's wardrobe!!!

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