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Winter Stylish

Living in Canada, we spend many months in the cold and snow. So...we have a couple choices: we can embrace it or complain and hibernate. That being said, we don’t have a choice but to face the great outdoors as we race to work, to the grocery store, or to visit friends and family. I like to stay positive and embrace winter with fun outdoor activities followed by cozy nights by the fire with a glass of wine. As a stylist, a question I often am asked is; "can you be stylish and warm at the same time?". YES, you can!!

We spend much of our lives in our coats, so I'm going to focus there.

BCBG Down Filled Jacket

I fell in love with this coat the moment I saw it at BCBG a couple years ago. The detail of the off-center zipper and faux fur collar grabbed me, along with the side panel and pocket details. I could instantly picture myself wearing it.

I chose, however to walk away. I am not an overly impulsive purchaser. I like to walk away and think about purchases before making them. If I'm still thinking about it after I leave then I will go back and get the item.

I ended up going back a few weeks later and was thrilled they still had it... AND it was on sale. It was meant to be and I have loved wearing it.

This Soia & Kyo coat was purchased about four years ago when I finally decided I needed to invest in a warm parka. I wanted to have a coat that kept me warm on -30C days, but that I still felt stylish in. I love the hood, especially when I am wearing my hair up and my toque doesn't quite work as it keeps me warm and the keeps the wind off my face. Another great thing about this coat is that it's reversible! It is a chocolate brown puffy coat on the reverse. I really don't wear much clothing in these colours, but still love the coat!

There are so many wonderfully warm and stylish coats out there, however it often feels like to get both you need to be willing to invest a bit of money (more on this below). It’s sooooo worth it and in the long run will cost you less!

Here are a few tips when searching for winter gear:

· Pick a colour that looks fabulous on you, not necessarily the standard black

· Choose a style that still gives you some shape (skims the body, not tight) -it looks better and is warmer as less cold air can get it

· Choose a style that fits your style personality -you will smile every time you put it on

· Add fun stylish scarves, mitts, toques, and boots that will keep you warm and compliment your coat. There are so many options out there

Still not sure if you want to invest the money in winter gear? Well, let me give you a cost-per-wear breakdown that might make it more palatable:

The more you wear a piece before it wears out or you move it along, the less it costs you. Here is an example using my Soia & Kyo parka ..

My investment: $400

Years of service (so far): 4

Number of wears per year: 5 months of winter x 15 wears per month = 75 wears/year

Lifetime wears (so far): 300

Cost per wear: $400/300 = $1.33

What? I still LOVE it and plan on wearing it for years to come, so that number is going to keep going down. AND it’s reversible, so two for one, right?

Stay warm & stylish this winter




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